Types of Records

This page will help you know what records we maintain and how you can go about getting copies.

Publicly Available

These records will not be provided in response to a FOIA Request unless you are unable to reasonably access the record online utilizing the links above. You must advise the FOIA Office of this in writing as required by Section 8.5 of the Act.

Other Categories of Records

The Illinois State Police maintains the following types of records, which are available under FOIA subject to appropriate redaction and exemption.

  • Annual Expenses
  • Annual Reports
  • Budget/Cost Center Information
  • Crime Scene Photographs
  • Facility Leases
  • Field Reports
  • Forensic Services Laboratory Records and Case Reports
  • Inventory
  • Investigative Files
  • Invoice Vouchers
  • Payroll Records
  • Purchase Orders and Contracts
  • Training Records
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records

Please note: only final approved documentation will be provided as preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations, memoranda and other records formulating policies or actions are generally exempt under Section 7(f) of the Act.