Illinois State Police Academy

Firearms Services Bureau

The Firearms Services Bureau, through its FOID Program, determines the eligibility of applicants who wish to acquire, possess, or transfer firearms. The Bureau also administers the state’s Concealed Carry Licensing program. Through the Firearms Transfer Inquiry Program, federally licensed gun dealers are able to perform checks on potential buyers at the point of purchase. The Bureau also monitors and ensures those with a Federal Firearms License adhere to the Gun Dealer Licensing Act.


Attention: CCL and FOID card holders seeking renewal.

CCL and FOID card renewals continue to remain valid under emergency rules filed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The emergency rule providing for the 18-month extension of FOID card and CCL renewals went into effect on September 3, 2020, replacing the previous 12-month extension.

The ISP Firearms Services Bureau encourages FOID cardholders and CCL holders to keep a copy of their confirmation from their submitted renewal application as additional verification of compliance.