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Division of Internal Investigation

The Illinois State Police Division of Internal Investigation (DII) investigates allegations of administrative and criminal misconduct committed by state employees. The jurisdiction of DII includes not only ISP employees (Sworn and Code) but all employees in the Executive Branch with approximately 80 agencies, boards, and commissions under the authority of the Governor. As it relates to internal agency investigations, DII is charged with investigating allegations against department employees, which if proven, would constitute a violation of the law, department rules, regulations, directives or orders. Typically, minor infractions are referred back to the affected work unit, while DII handles the most serious of these violations. As it relates to external agency investigations, DII becomes involved when there is a criminal allegation against a state employee committed in the course of their state employment. DII also protects department employees from false allegations of misconduct, and where it is proven a complainant willfully filed a false report, criminal prosecution is sought.

Background Investigations Unit

The Illinois State Police (ISP) Division of Internal Investigation (DII) conduct background investigations, as requested or directed by proper authority, on individuals occupying or being considered for positions in the ISP, non-Illinois state law enforcement agencies, other Illinois criminal justice agencies, and non-governmental employees who have regular access to ISP facilities wherein sensitive information is retained.

Background investigations will vary in scope depending upon the nature of the position and duties to which the subject will be assigned. Some may require an in-depth, extensive investigation into all aspects of the subject’s adult life. The Division of Internal Investigation coordinate, manage and supervise the operational activities related to all background investigation requests.

Identified Offender Program

Illinois has approximately 1171 licensed nursing care facilities which are regulated by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). There is currently at least one long-term care facility in each of state’s 102 counties. The Identified Offender Program (IOP) was developed due to a provision of the Nursing Home Care Act. The program was designed to improve safety within skilled nursing centers by identifying individuals with a criminal conviction history and conducting a behavioral risk assessment to determine the potential risk those identified individuals pose to other patients, staff and visitors. In April of 2010, it was determined by the Governor’s Office, investigative responsibility for the IOP program would transfer from an IDPH vendor to the Illinois State Police (ISP). On June 1, 2010, the Division of Internal Investigation (DII) developed procedures and implemented an initiative to comply with the strict statutorily mandated timelines for the Identified Offender Program utilizing contractual investigators.

The DII personnel in the IOP perform a Criminal History Analysis (CHA) investigation. The CHA investigation is not a full background check, rather it is a “snapshot” assessment of a resident’s potential to commit violence in the short term so an accurate risk classification can be made. The completed investigations are then sent to a forensic psychologist on contract with IDPH who completes a risk assessment for that identified offender.

Mission Statement

To uphold the best interest and confidence of the public, state employees, and all agencies under the Executive Branch of State Government; to promote accountability through fair, impartial, timely, and thorough investigations, while maintaining the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, and excellence during the administrative, background, or criminal process.

Vision Statement

Through exemplary leadership, professionalism, and collaboration, we strive to be the preeminent investigative workforce, dedicated to raising our level of excellence in the pursuit of truth and justice, to garner the trust and respect of the public, the law enforcement community, and the agencies we serve.

The contact number for the Division of Internal Investigation is 217-782-5610.