Radio Network Services Bureau

Statewide 9-1-1

The Radio Network Services Bureau (RNSB) provides appropriate emergency radio equipment within vehicles, as well as communications systems and facilities, to improve the delivery of criminal and traffic offense information via radio to law enforcement statewide. The Illinois State Police Emergency Radio Network (ISPERN) provides wide area radio dissemination of criminal or traffic offense information to multiple law enforcement agency mobile units, allowing for coordinated operations between these agencies. ISPERN control points in Illinois are limited to ISP Dispatch Centers, Cook County Sheriff's Police Department, Lake County Sheriff's Department, and Chicago Police Department. The RNSB has been working on a multi-year project to replace all mobile radios and video units in squad cars to improve interoperability and efficiencies for our officers, as well as the purchase of a radio management system to assist with the increasingly complex and time consuming business of managing code plugs, templates, and radio software/firmware upgrades.