Illinois State Police - Officer-Involved Investigations Dashboard

The Illinois State Police (ISP) Officer-Involved Investigations Dashboard is intended to improve the understanding of police encounters in the State of Illinois by making information available to the general public regarding investigations conducted by both the Illinois State Police Division of Criminal Investigation and Division of Internal Investigation. This includes encounters statutorily covered under 50 ILCS 727/1, the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act, specifically those resulting directly or indirectly in death from a sworn officer’s actions.

Additionally, the Officer-Involved Investigations Dashboard looks to shed light upon instances where an officer discharges his or her firearm either during the course of his or her official duties or while off-duty but performing activities that are within the scope of his or her law enforcement duties. Finally, the Dashboard will track and display ISP internal investigations regarding complaints of bias in policing. The ISP intends to improve transparency via the use of easily accessible and usable technology to improve the overall public confidence in Illinois law enforcement professionals.

**Due to the ongoing nature of investigations, not all information may be available for immediate release.**