Gaming Enforcement

DCI personnel are detailed to the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) to ensure the integrity of gaming within the State of Illinois. Since gaming was legalized in Illinois in 1990, ISP officers have been present at each casino 24/7 enforcing the Illinois Gambling Act and IGB rules. They also live-scan fingerprint applicants, check the integrity of gaming equipment, and enforce the IGB’s self-exclusion program for problem gamblers. Officers are also involved with Video Gaming and they inspect locations prior to licensure and oversee the installation of video gaming terminals once licensed and monitor licensees for ongoing compliance with the Video Gaming Act and associated rules. Special Agents assigned to IGB’s Investigations Division conduct background investigations on owner’s licensees, supplier licensees, occupational licensees, and key persons. Special Agents have worked to identify hidden owners of video gaming locations and interdict illegal gambling devices. The Gaming Command works in cooperation with other DCI efforts as well as other local, state, and federal agencies.

If you have information about the integrity of gaming you wish to bring to the Board's attention, please call the Illinois Gaming Board Hotline at (855) 494-0237

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