File a Citizen Complaint

The ISP and DII take your complaints seriously, we ask you take them seriously as well. Please read the following 4 items carefully and if you agree please check the boxes below and click the submit button. Checking the boxes and submitting will take you to the form to fill out.

  1. I understand, and it is my desire, that this complaint be investigated diligently. I declare that the allegations contained in this complaint are true.
  2. I also understand that it is a violation of 720 ILCS 5/26-1(a)(4) to willfully make a false report. In the event the report is proven to be false, the information may be provided to the State’s Attorney for possible prosecution.
  3. I understand that when an agent takes the case and makes contact with me, I will be REQUIRED to complete an official notarized complaint form (Sworn Illinois State Police Employees Only).
  4. I understand the person that I'm requesting to be investigated is an Illinois State Employee.