Public Safety Services Command

The Firearms Services Bureau, through its FOID Program, determines the eligibility of applicants who wish to acquire, possess, or transfer firearms. The Bureau also administers the state’s Concealed Carry Licensing program. Through the Firearms Transfer Inquiry Program, federally licensed gun dealers are able to perform checks on potential buyers at the point of purchase. The Bureau also monitors and ensures those with a Federal Firearms License adhere to the Gun Dealer Licensing Act.

The Regulatory Services Bureau consists of the Offender Registration Unit and the Cannabis Control Office. TheOffender Registration Unit administers the mandates of the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act, Illinois SexOffender Community Notification Act and Illinois Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registration Act.The Unit provides assistance to criminal justice entities and maintains public websites for the Illinois SexOffender Registry and Illinois Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry. The Cannabis Control Office(CCO) provides oversight for the Cannabis Industry in the State of Illinois. The CCO performs security plan reviewsfor cultivation centers, dispensaries, craft grows, infusers and cannabis transportation entities. Furthermore, theCCO conducts monthly compliance inspections for all dispensaries, cultivation centers, craft grows, infusers andcannabis transportation entities. The CCO works to ensure all cannabis is properly regulated as provided by law andadministrative rule. The CCO also provides support for criminal investigations related to illegal cannabis.