Illinois State Police Seal

Division of Patrol

The Illinois State Police Division of Patrol (DOP) provides uniformed patrol of Illinois roadways. Officers proactively enforce criminal and traffic laws and provide safety education to the public.

Uniformed officers, assigned to 21 strategically situated Districts statewide, work to provide comprehensive law enforcement services to the public as well as to fellow county, municipal, and federal law enforcement agencies. Troopers bear the primary mission to patrol Illinois roadways with the intent to interdict crime and ensure traffic safety.

The DOP is comprised of a variety of positions with various focuses including:

  • Patrol Trooper: the backbone of the ISP responsible for general patrol functions including enforcement of laws, responding to calls for service, and providing safety-related education.
  • Canine Officer: responsible for a wide range of duties including criminal apprehension, narcotic enforcement, criminal enforcement, general patrol, crowd control, and safety education.
  • Criminal Patrol Officer: responsible for the interception of crime from Illinois roadways as well as the training and mentoring of other Illinois State Troopers in the area of professional criminal enforcement.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Officer: responsible for the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle laws and hazardous materials compliance.
  • Motorcycle Enforcement Officer: responsible for proactive traffic safety enforcement as well as providing escort-related services for high profile events.
  • Safety Education Officer: responsible for providing safety-education services and media-related efforts.
  • Vehicle Identification Officer: responsible for vehicle identification and ownership-related investigations pertaining to motor vehicles.
  • Evidence Officer: responsible for maintaining evidentiary processes and coordinating with applicable court systems for prosecution.
  • Court Officer: responsible for coordinating prosecution-related efforts between districts and applicable court systems.
  • Investigative Trooper: responsible for investigating crime and bridging communications between the DOP and the Division of Criminal Investigation.

The contact number for the Division of Patrol is (217) 524-0191.

360° State Trooper:

A mission to systematically train and mentor professional and highly effective Illinois State Troopers. The initiative, following the “Lifecycle of the 360° State Trooper” model, focuses on Troopers as they are hired and continues throughout the first five years with strategically placed training and mentorship opportunities to ensure these Troopers are trained at a consistent level. Ultimately, this concept will build safer, more confident, more proficient State Troopers that are better able to communicate with the public, recognize suspicious activities, and maximize public safety. These meticulously trained Troopers will enhance the missions of the Division of Patrol as well as branch out to other Divisions within the Department to serve them well.