Law Enforcement Expedited Relief for Mental Health Admissions Less Than 5 Years Ago

If you are an active law enforcement officer and less than five years ago you were a patient in a mental health facility, but you did not act in a manner threatening to yourself, another person, or the public as determined by the treating clinical psychologist or physician, you may be eligible for expedited relief. In addition to the Mental Health requirements, you must provide additional information; the information required for relief is listed on the attached checklist. Please use this to ensure all paperwork required is provided because the relief process will not begin until the FCRB receives all necessary documentation.

Upon receipt of all documents listed above, your application will be actioned. Submission of the required documents does not guarantee the granting of relief; however, it is required to begin the review process. The FCRB will act upon your request for expedited relief within 30 business days of receiving all required documentation.

Relevant Checklist and Forms: