Officer Involved Death Investigations for Local Agencies

The Illinois Police and Community Relations Improvement Act of 2016 mandates all officer involved deaths, which includes officer involved shootings, motor vehicle accidents, or other situations where a person dies in police custody, be investigated by Certified Lead Homicide Investigators not employed by the involved agency. Most Illinois Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices request the Illinois State Police Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) conduct independent, thorough, and timely investigations of officer involved deaths. Special Agents within the DCI are among the most highly trained and experienced investigators across the State. When combined with the professional services of ISP Crime Scene Services Command, Intelligence Command, and the Traffic Crash Reconstruction Bureau, local State’s Attorney’s receive a detailed, exhaustive, and comprehensive investigative file to review for criminal charges. It is our goal that the quality of our investigations will instill trust within the community, confidence from the involved agency, and accountability when criminal charges are warranted.